Seniors in Focus – Focus Group Discussion in Erfurt, Germany

On September 22nd, 2022 the team CGE Erfurt e.V. organised a focus group discussion with the target group of the United Generation project. For the future courses on Digital and English Literacy we created a collective of senior participants, age 60+ with migrant background.

The focus group lasted approximately an hour, starting from participants learning about the project, funded by the European Union, continuing with general data collection for the United Generation Index and finishing with open questions.

The adult participants expressed their interest to join suggested course, with on-spot classes with other seniors present being more favourable option rather than an online self-paced course. The participants gave their input in regards to topics, naming navigation of digital devices, social media competences, and video editing as their favourites. During the in-depth discussion we learned about their struggles with digital competences and the feeling of “disconnect” with their children/grandchildren who have migrated. In terms of English proficiency, all participants mentioned the need to have basic level of English due to their travels to visit their family members abroad, and for some – to communicate with the next generation who was raised abroad and doesn’t use their mother-tongue.

The discussion was co-facilitated by young people, who had also a chance to listen-in to the needs of seniors group of CGE and ask follow-up questions, in order to gather knowledge for planing future interactions.

Stay tuned for more updates! ??

?? United Generations (2021-1-DE02-KA220-ADU-000030466) is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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