Piloting of the United Generations programme

Also news from Erfurt, Germany 🇩🇪 from their piloting of the United Generations programme ✨ The evening of practicing English language module went under the name slogan 👉🏻 United Generations – United Cultures 🙌🏽

📸 Photos: CGE Culture Goes Europe – Soziokulturelle Initiative Erfurt e.V.

United Generations Pilot Testing!🚀🎉

🌟 On the 17th of November of 2023, the United Generations project came to life in an interactive event: “Board Games Night” 🎲

This evening brought together 21 people from diverse backgrounds, different age gaps, multiple cultures, and languages, with a common goal of promoting intergenerational collaboration and learning. 🤝🎓

The event focused on testing some learning modules designed to promote language skills, specifically focusing on vocabulary for social interactions and methods for improving listening skills, and applying these modules while playing games. 🧠

Fostering communication between generations, the room was filled with enthusiasm and joy, as people engaged in a pictionary game. 🖼️

Splitting into teams, the participants had to guess which word was being drawn on the whiteboard by their team members. The words used in the game were selected from the vocabulary and listening modules, encouraging participants to apply their social interaction skills in a playful and engaging way. 🎨

The participants were also presented with a diverse group of board games in both English and German, creating a space for multilingual groups to play and test their language skills in specific situations. 🌍

This interactive approach facilitated a sense of unity among the participants. 🤗

As the 3rd event aimed at promoting learning modules in the community, “Board Games Night” showcased the power of learning through play and intergenerational collaboration, proving that United Generations project goes beyond its educational purpose. 🚀🎉


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