We are celebrating the conclusion of the pilot testing phase!

We are celebrating the conclusion of the pilot testing phase for the UNITED GENERATIONS learning platform at Haus der Statistik OTTO. 🎉🚀

Sending heartfelt thanks to our dedicated seniors, young digital talents, English teachers, and digital experts for their invaluable time and boundless commitment in enriching and propelling our efforts forward. ❤️💼👩‍🏫👨‍💻

Special thanks also to our participating partner organizations SOC TECH LABFundacja Stocznia, and GUTEmission for their valuable support. We’re excited to see the fruits of our collaboration and look forward to the thrilling future developments and projects that lie ahead. 🌱🌟🤝🌍

Even though all the soups have been eaten and the wines have been drunk, there are still many stories to be shared and experiences to be told. 🍜🍷📚

A special thanks to Ruben and Victor the team from Lebensmittelpunkte Berlin for providing our guests with delicious food on the last day of the pilot test! 🥘👨‍🍳

Stay tuned for more updates and developments in the UNITED GENERATIONS project – there’s so much more to come! 👀🌟

With our United Generations partners:

OU Podum

CGE Culture Goes Europe – Soziokulturelle Initiative Erfurt e.V.

Maison De l’Europe Yvelines Maison de l’Europe des Yvelines

TE IS Foundation

Emphasys Centre

Project Net

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