United Generations Pilot Testing in Erfurt, Germany

🌟United Generations Pilot Testing in Erfurt, Germany🌟

In CGE Erfurt e.V., we are excited to share the outcomes of our recent United Generations Pilot Testing, focusing on bridging the gap between generations through education. The goal was to foster intergenerational and lifelong learning in English Literacy and Digital Skills.

📍 What We Did

Over the past few months, we’ve been busy conducting pilot tests of the United Generations modules. These sessions were held in Erfurt and attracted a diverse group of learners, both seniors and the youth.

👩‍🏫 Background Work

Our journey began with preliminary testing conducted with adult educators at the Emphasys Center in Cyprus, back in June 2023. This initial step set the stage for our comprehensive approach in Germany.

📅 Timeline & Activities

From October 2023 to January 2024, each partner pilot and assess unique teaching methods.

Here’s a glimpse of CGE’s workshops:

🥘 02.11: Cooking & Learning English Together

🎨 09.11: Art & Wine, English Learning Session

🎲 17.11: Board Game Night, English Learning Fun

🍷 24.11: Art & Wine, English Learning Evening

🔍 Looking Ahead

By conducting these pilot tests in various countries, we’re gathering insights to enhance our educational materials.

🙌 Stay tuned for more updates


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